About Me


Scott Alan Johnston is an author, historian, and science writer based in Ontario, Canada.

Scott is the author of “The Clocks are Telling Lies,” a book that explores the history of global timekeeping and the role science and engineering played in shaping the creation of time zones. Scott also writes¬†space and astronomy news for Universe Today, and currently works at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario, as a science writer and editor.

Scott has a PhD in history from McMaster University, and has published academic articles on diverse topics including the history of timekeeping, astronomy, and the early years of the Boy Scouts.

When not writing, you can catch Scott stargazing, hiking, and exploring the Niagara Escarpment near his home.

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History offers proof of another way of life. It gives evidence of the diversity of experience and opens windows to possibilities. When we know the past, we learn that the present is not inevitable – It can be made better.


Science is a quest for understanding, but it is a quest which follows rules. It seeks new evidence and accepts change when old theories – no matter how beloved – fail to explain new realities.


  • Evidence based
  • Accessible results
  • Making a better world